Abbondanza Organic Seeds & Produce

Abbondanza Organic Seeds & Produce grows extraordinarily beautiful vegetables and flowers, and year after year they save seeds from their locally adapted crops. Flavor, color, and expansive views illuminate our local food region.

When Rich Pecoraro and Shanan Olson, along with their enthusiastic team of farmers, settled into their home along Oxford Road, they quickly transformed what used to be a vast alfalfa pasture and horse property into a fertile, productive farm. Chickens run through the rows of crops and guinea hens hide in the bushes; Pete, a draft horse, is being trained to work the fields.

Abbondanza contributes to the Boulder community in many ways. They've been actively selecting seeds of locally adapated flowers and vegetables, and make their growing collection of 'Abbo-Regional Seeds' available to the public. And the farm hosts many movie nights and book clubs on the topic of sustainable food and agriculture. Join their mailing list to stay informed about all the farm has to offer.


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