Munson Farm

Munson Farm is a Boulder Classic. Bob and his family have been growing pumpkins, spinach, and sweet corn in the valley for generations. Munson’s orderly fields of vegetables look out at the Front Range and are bordered by a wonderful wild ‘pantry’: Bob harvests garlic, asparagus, mushrooms, and Canada geese from his land. The pumpkin patch in October is a favorite for kids, and the farm stand on the corner of Valmont and 75th is a summer mainstay for locals.

Meadow Lark Farm Dinners at Munson Farm:

Bob has chosen the perfect spot for our table at Munson Farm: encircled by squash vines and corn stalks, with views of farmland to the east, and the Front Range to the west. Bob is well-kown for his storytelling, and he may even take you out into the fields to harvest a bit of your own dinner. Evenings at Munson's combine Boulder's farming history with just-picked sweet corn, in a lovely rural setting.

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